contest is an automatic test case generator for logic programs. The tool is based on concolic execution (a combination of concrete and symbolic execution) following the ideas introduced in the following paper:

  • Fred Mesnard, Étienne Payet, Germán Vidal. Concolic Testing in Logic Programming.
    To appear in Theory and Practice of Logic Programming (TPLP), Proc. of ICLP 2015. PDF

It takes the following inputs:

  • a logic program (you can choose one of the list, edit it or write down a new one), e.g.,,
  • an initial (arbitrary) goal, e.g., p(s(a)),
  • a list of integers denoting the input arguments, e.g., [1],
  • a maximum term depth for the generated test cases, e.g., 2, and
  • a timeout (in seconds), e.g., 30.
You can check the box in order to show not only the test cases, but also the associated traces.

You can also watch a presentation of the paper here.

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